What Is Product Roadmap Voting? And Should You Use It?


For an organization to be successful in the long run, it must learn to constantly identify and verify where its vision meets its customers’ needs.

What is product roadmap voting?

The idea is simple. Ask your users and/or the team members most familiar with your product which features do the job, which don’t, which would help them, and what new features they’d like to see the most.

So, do you need to share your roadmap?

No, you don’t. But you will feel a big difference if you do.

product public roadmap — prodcamp example

Why should you use product roadmap voting?

Product roadmap voting provides a clear and honest path to development.

Why should you ask your customers?

Your customers are your revenue — without them, the company doesn’t exist!

When should you not use product roadmap voting?

It’s dangerous to use product roadmap voting if you don’t already have a strategy. Chances are if you’re afraid that customers’ or teammates’ votes and ideas will push your product in the wrong direction, then you don’t have a strong enough vision.

  • A list of items you want to share to get peoples opinions on

How to set up your product roadmap voting process

There are two main possibilities to tackle product roadmap voting. As a one-off or as a constantly active public roadmap page. (Be aware in this context that public that could also mean it’s only shared internally or to a specific segment of your customers e.g. your paid users).

One-off Voting

One-off voting can be done in various ways such as with a push notification to your users or via a simple email (like the template you can follow below).

Shared Public Roadmap

Look at a lot of app websites and you can see a page where they share their roadmap or upcoming feature list. Many use project management tools like Trello, but to be clear, just sharing a feature board is not product roadmap voting. You need your board to be interactive. It’s up to you to decide if you want to make it in the form of a feature list:

ProdCamp feature voting portal

Identify your voters — who are they?

Are they longtime users or people who just downloaded the app, voted, and never used the app again? Are they right in your sweet spot? What is the dollar value of your business relationship?

Go beyond the vote — why did they vote that way?

As we mentioned earlier, you need to know why someone wants a feature. It’s not enough to know that they do, you need to use other channels to get more qualitative data to add context. So keep the conversation open with your users about what they want from your product; and do it the right way. Open multiple channels if you don’t want to miss valuable opportunities.

Product roadmap voting alone is not enough

It’s not enough if you don’t go any further in your attempt to go get your users’ feedback and ideas. Following up via a variety of channels will allow you to get a truly rounded and clear idea of what your users want and why. This way you can deliver better features and service.

Public Roadmap Voting Webpage

Show everyone what you are working on, but allow voting only for your users. They will be able to see how dynamic your company is, what you’re working on, what you’ve done, and what’s next. Your public roadmap, as a page on your website, is a product management tool combined with a marketing one. You collect valuable data and showcase how transparent, innovative and customer-centric your company is.

User Interviews

Whether you speak via a video call or through live chat, you need to talk to users. This can be an incredibly valuable way to get qualitative data and dig much deeper into any feedback given with follow-up questions.

Chrome Extension

A Google Chrome extension will allow you to collect and manage feedback directly from your browser. It speeds up the process, helps you avoid forgetting to note down vital feedback while you work, and helps to get the entire team engaged in the action.

Email Forwarding

Your customer-facing teams receive feedback every day, a lot of the time via email. An easy solution for them could be to set up a central feedback email and have them forward any valuable feedback and information to it.

In-App Feedback Widget

Feedback from within your app is ideal. You know the person giving you feedback uses your app, and you should be able to easily identify them and their characteristics via your CRM. If this side of your operations is well set, that can mean a lot. Just remember, the feedback you get at that moment is raw and will need to be processed and interpreted.

Voting On Behalf Of Users

Allowing team members to vote on behalf of your users will let them put in a vote for someone who calls or emails. It will give your team member a good feeling of what’s coming next since they will also be able to follow the number of upvotes and the status of a specific aspect of your product and use it when talking with your clients.

You need product roadmap voting

If you have an app, software, or SaaS, you need product roadmap voting — just make sure to do it right.



ProdCamp — public roadmaps and customer feedback management platform. Connect customer feedback to your #roadmap and focus on what matters. www.prodcamp.com

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ProdCamp — public roadmaps and customer feedback management platform. Connect customer feedback to your #roadmap and focus on what matters. www.prodcamp.com