Public Roadmap Examples and Benefits

Here are 4 Public Roadmap Examples You Can Follow

If you are a Prodcamp customer, you probably know we offer a public roadmap functionality.

A. Showcase your current business plans, projects, focus with your stakeholders.

You don’t want one of your ideal customer to drop off just 2 months before you will release this critical feature they were waiting since last year. In order to do that, they need to know this functionality is already in progress or at least planned.

B. Increasing your audience engagement.

Yes, sharing a well crafted public roadmap will certainly set you apart from for your competitors, and it will also allow you to engage with your audience and community on their own agenda.

C. Constant reality checks and structure feedback collection.

You decided to ship this feature or product. Do you stop asking yourself and your customers if it is as helpful and easy to use as you wanted it to be?

Public roadmap portal

Going beyond the public roadmap

So yes, your public roadmap is a direct source of feedback, but it also comes with many other benefits we shared here.

Embeddable Feedback module



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