A Perfect Free Google Sheets Product Roadmap Template

Where can I find a roadmap template in Google Sheets?

The real question is: does Google Sheets have a roadmap template?

How to create a roadmap using Google Sheets

You can start by using our template, and feel free to customize it as you see fit.

  1. Open the Google Sheet Roadmap Template
  2. Go to File > Make a Copy
  3. Save it in your Google Drive

Can I make a roadmap with Google Docs?

Yes, you can. However, it’s much easier to build it using Google Sheets instead of Google Docs.

Why Google Sheets isn’t an ideal solution for roadmapping…

There are some understandable reasons why you might be considering Google Sheets:

Auto-updating your roadmap

You might not find it hard to build your roadmap in Google Sheets, but it will become very hard and time-consuming to maintain it. Remember, you’ll only be able to share a view-only copy with your customers so the onus will be on you to keep it up to date.

Professional branding and image

Sharing a Google Sheet is not exactly the most professional way to showcase your company to your customers. Especially when contrasted with other tools like ProdCamp that allow you to use your domain, logo, favicon, and more.

Collecting new customer and team ideas

The only viable way to collect new customer ideas would be to create an add-on form using Google Forms. It’s doable, but not efficient. You’ll have to manually process all the ideas, add them to your spreadsheet, look up their account value, etc

Adding comments to roadmap items

If you share an editable version of your Google Sheet with customers, they could delete or change anything on the spreadsheet — so that option is off the table. While if you share a view-only version, customers can’t easily add comments and notes to provide details about feature requests they want to upvote.

Keeping customers in the loop

Customers need to be informed of progress. Are you going to go ahead with their product idea? If so, is their idea progressing well? When’s it expected to be built? What functionality will it include?

An easier way to roadmap: ProdCamp

If you aren’t ready to spend hours building and managing chaotic spreadsheets then you should trust ProdCamp to make roadmapping a lot easier!

Create categories and tags to segment and organize features

Drag and drop to organize your roadmap

Assign features to a sprint for your development team

Close the feedback loop with a changelog, release list, and automated notifications

Collect and analyze feedback for your roadmap from anywhere

You deserve so much better than Google Sheets for your roadmap

Just consider the huge amount of time that will be required to maintain your Google Sheet, the feedback that won’t get collected, the unprofessional impression you’ll leave customers with, and all the missing beneficial features you could have…



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